Specializes in custom music arrangements for Junior High & High School Show Choirs, as well as College Show Groups & Professional Entertainers.

   We serve the educational market with musical arrangements, sequenced background MP3's & pre-written scores, all at a very competitive price!

   We are experienced in a wide variety of show formats & strive for excellence & promptness with every musical setting we do!



Important note regarding licensing and copyright permissions:

Recently there has been a massive emphasis on copyright permissions for show choir music. This was caused by several  situations, and addresses the issue about copyrights for show choir music. Allegro Music Arranging uses Tresona Multimedia for the majority of its arrangement permission requests. They are very accommodating,  and have made it possible for music to be re-sold without the restrictions of other companies. This makes arrangements available to show choir directors without having to constantly make changes.

Please note that the way you receive your music from now on has changed with the use of Tresona Multimedia. Here is a step by step guide on the procedure:

1. Contact Allegro Music Arranging for song selections.

2. Allegro Music Arranging submits a request for each title to Tresona Multimedia.

3. Tresona Multimedia does their best to obtain the rights for your school for each title that is requested.

4. Tresona Multimedia sends the license agreement to Allegro Music Arranging.

5. The signed agreement is sent back with payment to Tresona Multimedia.

6. After the music has been updated with the proper copyright information, all .pdf and .mp3 files are e-mailed to Tresona Multimedia.

7. Tresona Multimedia will contact the director with login information for your school, to download the scores and reference recordings that you requested.

8. Go to your Tresona Multimedia custom webpage for your school, login into your account and download your files.  

Allegro Music Arranging suggests that you have back-up pieces for each song you are considering for your show. Tresona Multimedia offers a catalog of songs that have been “pre-approved” for copyright permissions for you to choose from. This means that the songs in this list have been “cleared”, and we can receive the copyright permissions right away. Please consider this avenue when selecting your show. The Tresona Multimedia catalog is available "here"

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to know that it can take up to two months to obtain the licensing for a title. It's best to request and book your arrangements early! To submit an ARRANGEMENT REQUEST, click here.

“Whenever music is licensed through Tresona Multimedia, Allegro Music Arranging is unable to email music directly to you, unless they release a “print” license for a particular song. Therefore, the music must be obtained from their website”.

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